It can be a struggle finding a job at the moment – yet alone the right career. And if you’re not sure what you want to do, or how your current skill-sets will lend themselves to a different role, you might be feeling at a loss.

Becoming a property inventory clerk is not often a career prospect that springs to mind, and yet it’s a role that many find rewarding. Likewise, if it is something you are considering then you’ll probably have realised that there’s not a lot of information out there that really allows you to decide whether or not it might be the job for you.

No matter, if you feel like becoming a property inventory clerk is the next step for you then this article should help…

What is a property inventory clerk?

Inventory clerks are professionals who visit residential properties and make detailed notes on the condition and contents before they are let out by a landlord or agent. They also note meter readings, check whether fire safety labels on soft furnishings are present and that the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are in working order. A clerk will carry out mid-tenancy checks on a property and return when the tenancy expires to compare the original condition with the end-of-tenancy condition.

But this is a role that goes beyond writing impartial and detailed reports; it’s also about customer service,  a positive outlook, attention to detail and tactfulness.

Four Key Traits You’ll Need as an Inventory Clerk

Inventory clerk trait number 1.

MOTIVATION: In such a competitive market, you’ll need to be highly motivated. You will have a keen interest in the entire process, with a drive to be the best.

Inventory clerk trait number 2.

EFFICIENCY: A good inventory clerk needs to be highly efficient. This is a quality that will go a long way in maximising benefit for both property owners and tenants.

Inventory clerk trait number 3.

DETAIL ORIENTED: You know when you are dealing with a really good inventory clerk, because nothing goes unnoticed. To stand out in this sector, you will need to be rigorous and meticulous – with really good attention to detail.

Inventory clerk trait number 4.

DIPLOMATIC: In this line of work, you are going to be dealing with individuals who might not see eye to eye. The relationship between a tenant and a landlord for example is not always harmonious, which is why you’ll need to be both tactful and a good communicator.

Do I need qualifications to become an inventory clerk?

You don’t always need formal training or qualifications to carry out this role, but having training and/or a qualification will help separate you from other clerks and allow you carry out your work with more confidence. Propertymark provide accredited qualifications, and ARLA provide a range of professional inventory courses, which will allow you to demonstrate to employers/clients that you have the required skills.

How do I start out as an inventory clerk?

If being an inventory clerk is something you think you would like to do, you’ll now need to establish yourself in the industry. Indeed have a good selection of opportunities (and not all of these require you to have experience). You can also get impartial advice and support at InventoryBase. There’s also an Inventory Clerk Facebook group that you can join and get advice from experienced clerks. Good luck!

Let Us Assist You

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