Remind Landlords of the Positives

As we ride the wives created by the many factors affecting our volatile sector, you can always stand out as a beacon of safety and authority by ensuring your communications are genuine and authoritative. Don’t just repeat news, read between the lines and give advice to your landlords.

If it’s looking like rents or demand are falling, then talk to them about how to ensure their properties remains valuable and desirable – even better, tell them you know what’s coming before they ask you.

Additionally, dark is always followed by light. If it’s looking particularly bleak, then remind them that the sector will improve. When it does, you will be rewarded with their retained business.

Get Your Processes in Order

Disorganisation is the downfall of any business, but in the lettings sector where things are so fast paced, focusing on the wrong things at the wrong time and not making best use of yours and/or your staff’s time, is even more dangerous.

Nowadays, a plethora of project management tools are available to help you control and monitor what your agency or property letting business is doing without you have to micromanage it. Check out Asana or – you’ll be amazed when you look at your week in view, at how much time you are spending NOT on income generating activities.

Identify that and fix it, delegate anything that isn’t most valuable use of your time. Outsource what you can, spending money on services is akin to buying time to make more money.

Take Advantage of PropTech

Investing in PropTech will not only revolutionise your business, it will also make you look great and give you an edge over your competitors.

Everything from better management of inventories to virtual reality tours can be achieved via exciting PropTech innivations and these don’t have to cost the earth. Have a look and see which you could employ to streamline your business.

Get Assistance

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Busy Fool”? If not, it refers to someone who is busy but not achieving their goals. Don’t let that be you, delegate what is not making you great and focus on your core talents in order to grow your business.

At Assist, we can alleviate the inventories burden by managing the entre process, seamlessly in line with your activities. Talk to us about how we can help and get that time back today.