Throughout 2018 the year we worked hard to bring you insights and information on the sector’s hottest topics and now that the year is over, we’re able to look back and take in the last 12 months as a whole. What did 2018 tell us?

The Rental Sector – Spring 2018

At the beginning of the year, Countrywide released data which indicated that the rental market was on the turn, with predictions of rising rents.

Charlie Saunders, Managing Director of Assist Inventories commented,

“The tenant fees ban could be a blessing in disguise. Letting agents will need to recoup costs from these now unavoidable losses and, it seems, letting fees are the way to do it. However, with fewer up-front fees for tenants to pay we can expect to see tenants moving much more frequently, and this will ultimately provide a much need boost to the lettings market.”

Find out more about the benefits of fewer upfront costs and what the turn did to turn certain areas of London into letting hotspots.

The Rental Sector – Summer 2018

Going into summer we investigated the introduction of London’s Night Czar and asked if you thought that she had impacted your lettings business but the results are yet to be conclusive, perhaps the new Night Mayor needs more time to make a difference?

Additionally we highlighted we lettings professionals should be targeting middle-aged renters and letting hotspots arising as a result of the Elizabeth Line, but then things really started to heat up.

Substantial tax law changes impacted heavily on property investment while Landlords also had to prepare for the New Homes Bill.

The Rental Sector – Autumn 2018

Then came Autumn, which naturally brought conkers, but not the type you think that you know…

‘Conker Pods’ were introduced and, with a price tag of just £21,000, were touted as housing solutions for cash strapped Millennials. We looked at Jag Virdie’s designs and considered whether or not they were truly viable in London.

Meanwhile, as interest rates rose, we wondered if this could actually benefit Landlords and how to convince renters to stay in London.

The Rental Sector – Winter 2018

In winter, as the dark nights drew in, perhaps landlords had less to do as it was revealed that more of them were using social media to spy on their tenants.

And while they were doing that, we looked at outsourcing for agents and whether or not ‘Micro’ was the next big thing for London.

Looking Ahead

No-one can be certain what the future holds until we fully understand what Brexit will bring but we can make some educated assumptions for 2019 and, in fact, Propertymark has asked its members to do just that.

Here’s everything you need to know about what letting industry peers believe 2019 has in store.

Need Assistance?

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