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‘Assist Inventories is built on reputation; clients choose to use us because of our dedication to customer service and they know our reports stand up to scrutiny and fully protect properties, landlords and tenants.’ Charlie Saunders, MD Assist Inventories.

Smoke alarms & CO2 detectors

As standard, all alarms are button tested at every property visit.

The new laws which came into action from October 2015, state that landlords must ensure they have working smoke alarms, and CO2 detectors where applicable, in all of their properties.

However, even following the legislation, smoke alarms and CO2 detectors are not always present, with some missing or simply incomplete which leaves the inventory clerk, tenant, landlord and agency in an unlawful predicament at Check In.

Our clerks always carry replacement batteries, industry approved smoke alarms and CO2 detectors just in case they are required (the clerk will always seek permission before installing.)

Find out more about the details of the regulation.   

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