Have you ever asked yourself the question “could there be a fifty stone pig living in my property?” You probably haven’t… and to be fair – you probably don’t need to (although we bet Dr Gary Armstrong wishes he did). But the point of this article is to press upon you the importance of never letting your guard down and always getting regular interim inspections. Because tenants can be… unpredictable! And just to illustrate HOW unpredictable, we’ve compiled a few notable examples…

Case for interim inspections no 1: The tenant who got a fifty stone pig 

GP Gary Armstrong, who rented out his dad’s house was stunned at the end of the tenancy to find that his tenant, an RAF serviceman had been keeping a fifty stone pig inside the property – a three bedroomed bungalow with a ban on pets. Judging from the amount of damage caused to the property by the animal, Gary suspected that the pig had been there right from the start.

“We had an estimate of £7,500 to cover the damage, that’s for cleaning, repairs, new floor covering, re-turfing the garden and repairing the patio. And as you can imagine, a pig living in the house equals a lot of dirt, the walls were filthy”

“His partner was there went I went to the property on the last day of the tenancy and she said something about the pig being unwell and they bought it in to the house. I said to the woman ‘there’s a pig in the house’, and the woman replied ‘so what? It’s just a pig’!

Case for interim inspections no 2: The tenant who left empty bottles, cigarettes  and food scraps

One landlord was horrified to find that his tenant had been living in squalor for years and not only had fled his property, (leaving the landlord facing rent arrears and a cleaning bill of thousands) but left behind these shocking scenes of a house left stacked with empty bottles, cigarette ends and food scraps.

Case for interim inspections no 3: The mum who left mouldy food, rubbish and human waste

This landlord actually vomited when he saw the state that his property had been left in. The three-bedroom house, rented out by a mother of four was infested with damp, peeling wallpaper, mould, dirt and littered with toys, bin bags, rubbish and even human waste!

Case for interim inspections no 4: The tenants who set up a massive cannabis farm

One landlord found to his horror that his property had been used by tenants to set up a £180,000 cannabis farm. The police discovered round 180 plants crammed into his two bedrooms and the loft space. His tenants have still not been found!

You see? Interim inspections are important!

None of the nightmare situations above would have happened if the landlords had been carrying out Regular interim inspections. Routinely checking on your tenants will allow potentially devastating behaviour to be spotted and dealt with it’s infancy. Interim inspections therefore are your best friend if you want to protect against neglect, damages or illegal activity. They should be carried out at least quarterly to make sure tenants are living as agreed and not damaging your property.

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