We recently found out that the 3 most common questions landlords have typed in to Google so far in 2021 are 1. Do landlords pay council tax? 2. Can landlords increase rent? And 3. Can landlords evict tenants during the pandemic? So we thought we’d be helpful and provide you with the answers to these 3 most frequently asked questions. Here’s everything you need to know…

Do landlords pay council tax?

Whether or not landlords pay council tax is dependent upon the tenancy agreement. But normally there’s nothing to worry about. In the majority of cases (single occupants, families and shared tenancies) – it is the tenants who are required to pay.

The exception to the norm is if you are renting an HMO. Having multiple tenants with separate tenancies means that it is the you, the landlord who is liable to pay.

It’s still important however to have a full understanding of your landlord council tax responsibilities so that you don’t get caught out by any unexpected bills or legal issues. Get more details here.

Can landlords increase rent?

If the tenancy is periodic, then you are not entitled to increase rent more than once a year (without agreement from the tenant).

If you have a fixed-term tenancy, you can only increase the rent if your tenant agrees. If they do not agree, the rent can only be increased when the fixed term ends.

Your tenancy agreement should always include information on how and when rent will be reviewed – and there are special rules for increasing protected (sometimes known as ‘regulated’) tenancy rents.

To get a full breakdown of rent increases and the legislation involved, visit gov.uk.

Can landlords evict tenants during the pandemic?

The current ban on evictions, as well the obligation for landlords to give a 6-month notice period to tenants, has been extended until 31 May 2021. Exceptions remain in place for the most “egregious cases”, including illegal occupation, anti-social behaviour and arrears of six months’ rent or more.  The ban on commercial evictions has also been extended, to 30 June 2021.


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