In a recent article published by Estate Agent Today, it was suggested that To Let and For Sale boards are still the number one marketing method for agents, but we know that London is a different beast.

While even in this digital age, boards still have their place, location trumps everything – and in a buzzing metropolis like ours boards are often not optional so, what do we do…

Ensure your brand is exposed

Are you on social media? Are you sending newsletters? Most of you will answer yes but are they working for you? Many of you will answer no.

The trick is, to nurture your platforms and outputs with unique and considerate content. In addition, you must be consistent with your output, there’s no use in giving your audience a post per day for one week, then ignoring them for two. Why not come up with a social media feature which is unique to you. Plan it out for a quarter and stick to your plan.

Likewise, if you are sending out newsletter style emails, review what value they have to the reader? If you can’t see any then add some to ensure there’s a need to open and share your content. If you need inspiration then sign up for ours!

Stand Out on Portals

When you can’t use boards then portals are the obvious choice but, as before, everyone is doing it so to stand out, you’ll need to give it some extra effort. Things to do:

  • Brand your images
  • Ensure that all of your images are uniform – a potential tenant or buyer should be able to recognise your image style within the search results
  • Consider Virtual Reality Tours and videos
  • Detailed headlines

The key to success on portals is attention to detail, a little bit of extra effort will go a long way.

Step Back in Time

Newsflash: Offline marketing is not dead! It still exists and when everyone is doing one thing, you should consider doing something different.

Print is of course more expensive so make sure you create a carefully targeted campaign to ensure that you know exactly who will be receiving your well designed and beautifully produced physical marketing.

Do Get Board

Don’t forget boards as even in London, they still have their place. A strategically placed board outside a desirable block will still result in calls from those who want to be in that building.

Where Energy Flows Something Grows

Above all else, to be successful in marketing you must focus on it. Creating sales and marketing strategies and sticking to them is the only way to realise your objectives, and this is your job. Distractions from your sole purpose can be detrimental to your business so ensure that your time is spent on income generating tasks only.

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