Most agents have either been there or been close to this situation at some point; a tenant vacates, there’s damage, the landlord asks to see it, it doesn’t cover the damage and the rest is history.

In fact, even before one is used in the event of a claim, many landlords are unhappy with the quality of inventory reports provided by their agent’s contractor, fearing they will not stand up to scrutiny should they be required.

In such a competitive market during these uncertain times, great relationships mean the world. While we increase landlord costs (see the results of our survey) to negotiate the Tenant Fees Ban and jostle with our competitors to win landlords from an ever decreasing pool, showing a landlord you care is a great way to win, maintain and generate more business.

At Assist, all of our property inventory reports come with a minimum of 150 pictures to accompany the comprehensive descriptive text. Our systems also integrate seamlessly with yours so that when an inventory has been completed, you have it immediately.

We are the AIIC’s Best Full Member 2019 and London’s top-rated Property Inventory Company on Google. Let us Assist you in keeping your landlords happy.

View our sample reports and pricing now. We offer 15% off to agents we haven’t worked with before.

If you are an independent landlord, we can also manage your property inventories directly.