Agent Assist is our exclusive club that allows agents and property developers to enjoy heavily discounted inventory services. Over 50 of you have joined us in the past 6 months, and it’s been a fantastic experience working with so many new people.

We reached out to a few of our members last week to ask if they would mind sharing their experience of being Agent Assist members. Our favourite response actually came from one of our newest members! Find out what this Lettings manager who joined us just over a month ago has to say about his experience so far…

“I first came across ‘Agent Assist’ through an email as we’ve been on their subscriber list for years. I saw the email a few times – and actually thought it sounded a bit too good to be true. There’s no joining fee or anything and you don’t have to pay to be in it. So I was thinking… what’s in it for them to offer me a discounted list?

I enquired because Charlie is a contact on LinkedIn and I know that they are reputable as a company. Basically they are looking to build quality relationships with a network of agents across London, which is why Charlie has created this club.

There are 2 options once you’ve joined. You can just use the discounted list – or you can pay the full price and get your discount back at the end of the month as a sort of kick-back. We chose to do it this way and just got £230 back! So it’s definitely worth doing! We were just using a service that we have to use anyway, so it was great to get all that back to be honest.

The other bonus about being in Agent Assist is that you get priority bookings. We used that feature I think 5 times this month, and have to say were really impressed at how easy a last minute booking was.

I’m definitely happy we joined. Charlie, Zoe, Ty and the team of clerks are all genuinely nice people. Really professional too. Thoroughly recommended!

Agent Assist

You’ve read the story… now do you want in?

There really are no catches to this club. No membership fees and no joining charges. It’s just a way for us to build and maintain excellent relationships with a network of property professionals across London.

Agent Assist is exclusively for letting agents who are ‘on a mission’ to deliver the best service, work with the best people and save money along the way. Members will get…

  • Access to an exclusive discounted price list
  • The option to receive the accrued discount each month in cash-back
  • Exemption from cancellation fees
  • Prioritised booking slots

If you’re ready to become a ‘special agent’ and save money, register your interest below.


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