Landlords, letting agents and tenants all know that the role of a property inventory clerk is to take meter readings, check smoke and carbon dioxide alarms and create professional reports that outline the condition and contents of a property. But being a property inventory clerk goes above and beyond writing detailed reports. It’s also about customer service, ingenuity and safety.

 And believe us… strange things can happen when you’re a property inventory clerk! You just never quite know what’s around the corner. We hear so many funny stories here; but this one from one of our very own clerks topped the lot, so we just had to share. Enjoy!

The Story in his own words….

“So I arrived at this property. I remember it was just after 9am. The first job of the day. It was at a block of flats that I always used to go to at that time, – so I knew my way around the building. I was actually quite looking forward to going in at that point. I rang the buzzer 3 times, but no-one answered, so I just let myself in with the keys.

I went up the stairs and knocked on the main door, just to be sure. No answer. So I let myself in to the apartment and went ahead with the inspection. It’s actually quite normal for the tenant not to be present, so I wasn’t worried. Everything was totally fine. The flat was immaculate actually.

When I went to leave though… I couldn’t get out. That door just would not open! I was so confused. And to top things off, I had stupidly left my phone in the car. I tried calling out through the letterbox to see if any of the other residents could help, but no-one seemed to be there.

Long story short, I ended up having to shout out of the tenant’s window for help. It took ages as well, because I was on the second floor and obviously just looked like a mad person, waving and shouting. I was panicking at this point because I had other jobs booked in all day.

In the end, this 20-something year old, emo-looking guy took pity on me and managed to get me a ladder from the local pub which I was then able to climb out of the building with. I was literally shaking the whole way down. I’m absolutely terrified of heights.

The funniest is the last bit though. Basically… the reason I couldn’t open the door was that one of the residents (unbeknown to me), had seen me going in to the property, thought I was a burglar and rang the tenant. The tenant had then come back to the property and locked her door from the outside with the Chubb lock, thinking she was locking in a criminal! She phoned the police too, who by the way just so happened to arrive just as I was stepping off that bloody ladder!

It was mortifying at the time of course, but everything worked out fine in the end. We all had a laugh about it actually – and the tenant looked so embarrassed. She knew I was coming too, she just forgot. So yeah. I’ve had a lot off funny things happen to me as a property inventory clerk… but that one takes the biscuit. ”

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