An inventory report (also known as a schedule of contents) is hands-down one of the most important documents you’ll complete when letting a property.  Not only will it provide you and your tenant with an accurate assessment of the current state of the property to agree with and sign, it will also ensure that your property is in the same condition at the end as it was at the beginning – if not, the inventory will make it more likely that you can make claim on the held deposit; without it, that isn’t likely at all.

But to really save you from those dreaded tenant disputes, it has to be comprehensive…

Should I Conduct My Own Property Inventory?

There’s a common misconception that conducting a property inventory is a piece of cake. It isn’t! Because the devil is in the detail!

A professional inventory schedule is often over 40 pages long  and includes detailed descriptions of the fixtures, fittings and furnishings in the property, as well as photographs and conditional comments for each room. It is almost always certain that someone who is inexperienced will not be able to provide that level of detail, and that could be what lets you down in a dispute. Because if you’re left with an inventory that’s in any way lacking – there will be specific points at the end of the tenancy that you simply won’t be able to discuss.

Always consider the input of cost on inventory vs the loss on disputes and you should have your answer.

By enlisting the help of experts, you are eradicating a huge number of risks. Remember, a professional property inventory is a legally binding document that will stand up in court and provide you with the evidence you need to prove the exact condition of your property and its contents when your tenant moved in.

Ok, I want to hire an inventory clerk. What should I look for?

You should take great care to ensure that the property inventory company you opt for is a member of a body which ensures they abide by defined codes of practice. You will be in good hands with any AIIC approved company. Always check their ratings too, because a good company will always have good reviews. And remember, by outsourcing to professionals, not only are you guaranteed to save yourself a huge amount of time and hassle down the line, you will also be provided with invaluable advice and expertise. Please don’t take any chances with your property – make sure you’re covered.

How much does it cost?

Check out our pricing page for view costs for inventory services. If you need more info you can also have a look at our our sample reports.

Let us Assist you

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