We are Assist Inventories, and you might’ve heard us say that we are one of London’s only award winning property inventory companies; but we say it because we are proud of how we consistently deliver the highest quality of service.

Our property inventory software is an extension of that quality because it reduces our admin time, increases clerk productivity and gives us added levels of intelligence and automation.

But how does it help you?

Whether you are an agent or a landlord; by choosing to use our 5 star rated service, you will automatically qualify for an InventoryBase account. And once you are all set up; you will be able to accept online bookings, make bookings direct and schedule bookings in advance.

With access to your own dashboard, you will be be able to view all of your inspections at a glance, on any device, and multiple devices at once.

Whats more, it will house a record of all reports, which you are free to download as many times as you like and share at your convenience. You’ll also receive notifications every time a tenant signs a report or adds a comment to your report, meaning you won’t have to wait for someone to tell you something has happened.

Finally, having an InventoryBase account with us will also mean that we can send reminders to tenants after three days of them receiving the report, to remind them it needs signing.

We can contact your tenants directly and auto-organise mid-term inspections

To get this feature, all you have to do is send over the tenant’s contact details and annual mid-term list: then just leave the rest to us!

We will organise the inspections direct with the tenants and then let you know exactly what has been confirmed. You will have access to a live spreadsheet of timings and confirmations, so that you know exactly what’s going on in real time and are never left in the dark.

Checking In and Out

Once you are in our software, we can reduce the admin around arranging check ins and check outs, but we’ll keep in touch in person to let you know about any major maintenance works or cleaning issues – giving you the best of both worlds, and allows you to  so you can get on to organising contractors.

We are an award winning property inventory company because we combine the best property inventory services with the best property inventory software!

Let us assist you

If you are looking for property inventory services in London and would like your experience to be enhanced by cutting edge property inventory software, first-class service and unbeatable prices, then please feel free to contact us today.

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