X1 Lettings who recently won an award for being one of the best employers in the UK are maintaining their excellent reputation throughout their response to lockdown. As a company, they have always been extremely proud of their tight-knit, culture – and this has only intensified in the face of adversity. Despite employees in all branches now working from home; they have managed to remain close. Not only to each other, but also to their tenants and the wider community.

Throughout lockdown, X1 Lettings have thrown themselves in to the spirit of good will, helping residents and key workers in their local area. And it doesn’t stop there. In addition to the considerable efforts they have gone to to make things easier for the local community – they have also come up with a fantastic marketing strategy, with an emphasis on mental health, well-being and clear communication. On top of the weekly telephone calls that they now make to tenants (just to check they are doing OK), the team are also sending out daily emails to keep spirits lifted. These online communications include self-care advice, as well as links to free resources such as meditation sessions and a range of workouts.

They are making good use of their social media at this time too. Executive PA Rhiannon, who has a keen interest in  meditation and well-being is using the stories feature on both Facebook and Instagram to go live each week; sharing mindfulness techniques, wellness advice and just general all round good vibes. Interaction with residents is currently at an all time high, with people reporting back and sharing experiences with Rhiannon and the rest of the team.

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