You might think they’re a pain – and yes, they can be. Especially if you’re carrying them out yourself. However – they’re really important. Interim inspections should be carried out at least quarterly so that you can be sure that your tenants are sticking to their end of the deal and not living like primates, partying 24/7 or damaging your property.

You’d be forgiven thinking for example that you’ve scored yourself the perfect tenants because they’ve always paid their rent on time. Now that’s all well and good of course, but you do have to bear in mind that tenants might be using your property for illegal purposes. Tenants like these for example are extremely likely to pay their rent on time, in order to avoid suspicion. It’s actually more common than you might think.

And it’s not just illegal activity that regular interim inspections will help you prevent. You might well imagine for example that if there’s a problem with the property – your tenants would let you know. In our experience however, whilst tenants almost always report the major problems, – they often neglect to report the minor ones. Problems that start off as a minor issue can all too quickly spiral out of control and end up costing you a lot of money. A mid-tenancy inspection gives you the opportunity to spot and address those minor problems in their early stages.

You have to bear in mind also that the tenants aren’t always at fault. Interim inspections are still vital even when you have decent and well meaning tenants. Consider this time of year for example. Damp is a really common problem, but if it’s in your property, your tenants may be accustom to the smell of dampness and therefore not be aware of the problem. Interim inspections allow for a fresh set of eyes (and nose) to assess the situation.

There are also health and safety issues to consider. Interim inspections give you the opportunity for example to check the loft for holes, leaks or rodents (your tenants are unlikely to do this themselves if it’s an unused space). A mid-tenancy inspection also gives you the opportunity to check all smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

It can be a lot of trouble carrying out interim inspections yourself, – so it really is worth finding a good property inventory clerk. A decent clerk will take away the hassle that interim inspections may cause you individually – and make sure you are covered legally. You will also have the added security of knowing that your property is appropriately prepared at the start of the tenancy and that your tenants are safely checked out at the end with a final inventory that will support any claims you may have against the tenant.


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