Property inventory clerks have seen it all, quite literally, from tenants in bed, in the shower or walking around half-naked during inspections, but often the most bizarre stories are about items that have been left behind after tenants have checked-out. With that in mind, our clerks have been sharing some of the strangest things they’ve encountered, from the extremely funny to the downright terrifying.

Getting Intimate

The tenant may have already vacated the property, but they definitely whipped their bedroom into shape. Whilst doing a check-out, one of our clerks discovered more than she bargained for when she entered one of the bedrooms to find a fully kitted out sex room. She had to call the office to find out how on earth she was meant to describe some of the equipment on the report. And it seems finding sex equipment isn’t uncommon, as ‘The Property Twins’ also described one of the strangest things they’ve found left behind in a property, when we interviewed them for 5 questions in 5 minutes.

Part of the furniture

And it’s not just ‘things’ that tenants leave behind, sometimes the tenants themselves become part of the furniture. One of our clerks went to do a check-out only to find the tenants still living in the property and point-blank refusing to leave even though their tenancy agreement had ended.

And it seems it’s not just the tenants, as one of our clerks went to a property to do an inventory, in preparation for the new tenants to arrive an hour later. When he arrived at the property, he could hear noises coming from the bedroom, slightly unnerved he cautiously approached the bedroom, unsure what he was about to find. When he entered the room, he found the landlord in bed asleep, snoring loudly. The landlord had decided to move in and suffice to say, the property hadn’t been cleaned and wasn’t ready for the new tenants arrival.

Animal encounters

Entering properties when the lights are out, is hairy at the best of times. And during mid-term inspections you are not quite sure what might be lurking in the shadows. Tenants have been known to have animals, even when their tenancy agreement doesn’t allow it. And our clerks have found all sorts of pets during mid-term inspections including the exotic kind, from snakes to tarantulas. But for one clerk, surprisingly the most frightening of all, was when he entered a property in the dark and unable to locate the light was viciously attacked by a fluffy but aggressive house cat.

A case of mistaken identity

Our director, Charlie recalls a time back when he was a letting agent “the landlord gave us a master key for a building that had 3 flats in, he told us it was the top floor flat so we carried out multiple viewings on the house, eventually found tenants. The paperwork was completed: referencing, contracts, collecting deposits but when we went to move them in the previous tenants were still living there – it turned out we had rented the wrong flat! The landlord told us the wrong property, so we had been going into someone else’s flat and doing viewings and almost moved them in.”

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