We continue to highlight stories ‘when inventories go wrong’ to demonstrate the importance of a professional property inventory, we caught up with Abs Hussan director of Prime Living. Whilst working on both commercial and residential projects he has encountered just how badly things can go wrong for landlords when they don’t perform the correct checks.

He was recently approached by a landlord who was left in a conundrum. At the end of tenancy, it had become clear that his old agent, hadn’t undertaken a property inventory nor had he carried out any tenancy inspections which had left his property completely unrecognisable. The property, which was once a home with dedicated living spaces, was now a fully-fledged commercial weed farm.

Even after the police had removed the cannabis plants and any related paraphernalia, the damage to the property was extensive. Rooms had been completely re-configured, windows had been boarded and big tubes and wiring had been added for ventilation. The tenants or ‘entrepreneurs’, as Abs described them, had also increased their income by cutting wires to the fuse box to avoid paying for the electrics.

Ultimately it ended up costing the owner in excess of £20k to resolve all the issues. In this case, the huge loss was down to trusting that the agent had performed the necessary checks and inspections, which he had clearly failed to do. With a rise in fake and fraudulent rental applicants, Abs advices “To help prevent such scenarios happening in your rental properties, we recommend conducting thorough ID & referencing checks to ensure you are attracting high quality tenants to your property. In addition, inspections should be conducted during the tenancy with the first inspection in the first few months. This is so you can get a head start on any potential suspicious activities.”

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