When making the decision to hire an independent inventory service in London, whether you are a landlord, tenant or agent, it can be tricky. You must be absolutely sure that the inventory service you’re paying for is professional, efficient and cost effective and the only way to know that for certain is to know what should be in a standardised inventory report.

So, here’s what an inventory clerk should be doing. Every inventory report should include:

1. An Itemised List of Everything in the Household.

A complete inventory schedule ranges from the smudges on the windowsill in the bathroom, to the PVC panelling that houses the cables around your skirting boards. Having a thorough list of every item that could be subject to detrition is of the utmost importance, whether you’re a tenant or a landlord.

2. An Accurate Note of the Condition of Items on the Inventory

Once you have your inventory, it’s very important to accurately note the current condition of your items.

This does not mean simply putting down ‘good’ or ‘bad’ condition. A good inventory clerk can tell you if the appliance or item has been recently decorated, installed or replaced.

At the end of a tenancy, it is details like this that can be the difference between a smooth departure and an arduous exit in London.

3. Notes on the Condition and the Maintenance History of Safety Items

 All items required for safety, including smoke alarms, C02 detectors and, if required, fire blankets and extinguishers must be present. If precise details aren’t kept about these items, whoever performed the inventory is legally responsible for any negative ramifications that may occur.

4. Pictures! And Lot’s of Them

In order to avoid any unnecessary financial discussions, a good inventory report needs multiple pictures of all the items on the list. If you don’t have these you leave yourself liable to potential legal disputes and problems arising from the difference between wear and tear, and damage to items in a property.

5. Meter Readings

You must take accurate meter readings and log them in order to make sure that nuisance tenants are paying their bills fairly and in line with current standards. As a landlord or agent in London, not doing this leaves you open to the unfortunate responsibility and obligation to pay bills that are not rightfully yours.

Let us Assist You

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