Please wait until you have the checkout report from us. If there is anything that you feel the clerk has missed after viewing the report, please let us know and we will look into it immediately.

The report will clearly show in text and high-resolution pictures any damages, cleaning issues and causes for concern that you may want to discuss with the tenants before returning a deposit. Whilst we are property inventory experts we do not deal with the return of the deposit; this is down to the landlord or agent to put together a claim on the deposit and put this to your tenants. Note that the actions and liabilities are suggestions only and must be discussed directly with all parties.

The aim of a good inventory report is to minimise disputes but if your tenants don’t agree to your claim and you can’t find common ground then you may only be left with the option of going through the dispute process with whichever deposit scheme you have lodged the deposit with. We have a fair wear and tear guide available for download to help in the process.