It is not a legal requirement for reports to be signed but it is highly recommended to avoid any issues should there be a dispute. We can share the report directly with required parties and monitor signature returns.  Parties that are signing will get an automated email reminding them to sign if they have not after 3 days of receiving the report. We record when reports have been sent, who they have been sent to and can see when the link to the report has been opened.  We also have a disclaimer that states:

“This report must be electronically signed by the tenant(s) and returned to the issuing agent within 5 working days from receipt of this report. If the report is not returned by the tenant(s) within this time-scale, any future discrepancies or requested amendments will not be admissible and the report will be deemed as accepted full and final by both landlord/managing agent and tenant. Tenants can make any amendments by clicking on the ‘tenants comments’ box to the right of each item and have five working days to make any comments or raise any queries. Note that additional comments must be made online and pdf documents cannot be accepted.”