Did you catch the latest news coverage on the nightmare tenant from Barking? Sickening pictures were recently released by the legal team who dealt with the case, showing a fridge/freezer totally overrun with maggots and a property that had been deliberately left in what was described by the managing director of legal4landlords as one of the worst cases of squalor he had ever seen. Also featured in the pictures were the mountain of unopened debt letters that had piled up on the sides.

Despite the horrendous state of the property, the landlord had to go through 7 months of stress and a legal case before he was able to evict the tenant. It also later came to the landlord’s attention that this tenant was actually a repeat offender who had done this before and had been evicted from previous properties. What’s more, the landlord has not been able to recoup any of the money (over £6000 in rent arrears – plus a huge cleaning bill), due to the tenant being a EU national with no UK assets.

How do I avoid this?

It’s not at all unusual for a tenancy case to end up in court (around 50% do). The surest way you have of preventing a legal nightmare like the one above is by using a professional inventory service. By using the services of a professional inventory management company, you will be given a detailed, thorough and professional inventory report that will give you solid evidence in the event of you ending up in any legal disputes with your tenant. A professional inventory clerk will also see to it that any disagreements or disputes don’t become personal and are resolved fairly. You can also relax in the knowledge that your property is appropriately prepared at the start of the tenancy and that your tenants are safely checked out at the end with a final inventory that will back up any claims you might have against your tenant.

A professional inventory company can also provide you with regular interim inspections, which are one of the best ways to protect against neglect, damages or illegal activity. Interim inspections should be carried out at least quarterly to make sure tenants are living as agreed and not damaging your property. Mid tenancy inspections also allow for any minor issues to be spotted in their infancy and addressed before they get out of hand. They’re also the perfect way to keep a check on any health and safety issues such as damp, rodents (or maggots as in the case of the story above)!



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