In brief;

Inventory Check In

Considered best practice to conduct at the beginning of each new tenancy, ideally, prior to the tenants moving in to ensure the property and its contents are accurately recorded. A third-party inventory report is essential to avoid lengthy and costly deposit disputes. Smoke alarms, key details and meter readings are included.

Check Out

Check out inspections take place on the last day of the tenancy. The property is compared against the inventory check in report conducted at the beginning of the tenancy. Our clerks will note any new defects, missing items and differences in condition. Suggested actions and liabilities are included to help you determine if the tenants are liable for any damages or let you know if any maintenance is required before your new tenants.

Inventory Schedule of Condition

There are several reasons to conduct an inventory only report such as if the tenant has already moved in, when only a list of contents and property condition is required or if the landlord or agent wants to conduct the check in.  Our inventory only reports do not include smoke alarm testing, key details or meter readings as these are considered part of the check in process.  Note that tenants do not have to be present for the check in process to take place.

Interim Inspections

Sometimes known as periodic inspections or mid-terms and are conducted to check the property’s condition during the tenancy. Commonly carried out every 3-6 months, our clerks identify cleaning or maintenance issues and comment on the properties condition. Many clients conduct interim inspections a few months before the tenancy ends, so you can save time and money correcting any problems ensuring the property is not left empty between tenancies.