With the pandemic having reignited people’s love of nature, gardens – and the great outdoors in general; it’s perhaps no great surprise to learn that the ability to access green space is becoming an increasingly important factor in where we choose to live. It turns out now however that this is even truer than we could have imagined; with green spaces having just been voted the number one motivating factor for people wanting to move home…

A YouGov survey found that the top two reasons people were likely to be moving home in the near future were “to move to a property with more green space” (15 %) and “to move to a location with more green surroundings” (12 %). Moving to save money was the third most common choice; with 11% of people stating their next move would be a cost-reducing measure.

The research project, commissioned by Paymentshield, took place as part of National Conversation week – and was undertaken with the intention of gaining insight into the ways in which the pandemic has affected people’s relationship to where they live – and ultimately; the implications that this has on businesses.

James Watson, sales director at Paymentshield, commented: “With one in five people now looking for more green space in their next house move, this demonstrates a significant shift in the priorities of the nation. It is clear that the global pandemic has caused many people to revaluate what is most important to them with the home taking on a much greater importance. This shift in the nation’s relationship with the home is a key focus of this year’s National Conversation Week. We are supporting this week to encourage advisers to reach out to their clients and initiate conversations about their current insurance needs.”

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