If you’re in London and on the lookout for property inventory services, you’ve come to the right place! Why? Because we’re London’s only AIIC award winning property company of course! We also just so happen to have the highest rating on Google. Oh and we’re trusted by some of the most prestigious names in property! Sold? Good. So what property inventory services do we offer? Let the tour commence…


Inventory and Schedule of Condition

First up, we have the inventory itself. And of all the property inventory services we offer, this one is probably the most important. A property inventory is a crucial document, designed not only to protect both you and your tenants, but to provide you with essential evidence for deposit disputes. So it’s got to be right! Our clerks are the best in London and our reports  are well known for being meticulous, high quality and comprehensive, containing over 150 high resolution pictures and a thorough description of the exact state of your property.

We provide inventories for landlords, letting agents and property developers – and the cutting edge software we use will allow you to access your reports online, as well enjoying a range of other benefits.

Inventory and check in report

This is the most popular of all our property inventory services. And whilst you are welcome to opt for the inventory and schedule of condition as a stand-alone service, it’s far more common for clients to combine with a check-in.

With this particular property inventory service, one of our highly trained inventory clerks will arrive at your property a couple of hours before your tenants move in and carry out a comprehensive schedule of condition. Once your tenants arrive, the clerk will walk them around the property, point out the detail, make sure they understand the inventory, take meter readings, test smoke alarms and hand over the keys. You don’t even have to be there at all!

Check out report

Our check out reports provide you with an unbiased and independent comparison between the original inventory and the final state of the property – allowing any deterioration to be noted. Any changes will be detailed and guidance given on wear and tear vs damage. Our clerks will also take a meter reading before returning the keys to landlord or agent.

Interim inspections

Interim inspections are important, both for peace of mind – and for alerting you to any problematic issues that you may otherwise miss. It’s recommended that they are carried out every three to six months.

Our clerks will visit your property mid-term and conduct a thorough check for cleanliness, general maintenance and evidence of any breach of the property rules. So if you are worried that your tenants are up to no good – an interim inspection will definitely put your mind at rest. After the inspection, you will be provided with a brief overview of your property’s condition. And remember, even with the best tenants, your property still needs inspecting for issues that they may be unaware of such as damp. Don’t take any chances. It could cost you a lot of money down the line.

Let us assist you

If you require any of our first class property inventory services then get in touch with us today. Our friendly and professional team are happy to deal with any queries you may have.