1. You’d be surprised how much damage a tenant can do.

A property inventory doesn’t just ensure you get the correct number of knives and forks back at the end of a tenancy, it protects you against big losses – because even careful tenants can have accidents.

  1. You need proof of damage or theft.

A good property inventory provides you with undoubted evidence that any damage wasn’t there before. If you don’t have one, that fight is going to be a little bit tricky. Likewise, if some things have gone missing, a good, signed inventory empowers you against the loss.

Note: If you find yourself in a dispute with your tenant over any deductions you make from their deposit, they have the right to complain to the scheme you used to protect the money, and you’ll be asked by adjudicators to provide evidence of your loss. Without an inventory, you won’t have a leg to stand on.

  1. You’re wasting your time taking a deposit if you don’t have an inventory.

Why go to all that effort to get a deposit if you won’t be able to utilise it in the event of damage or loss? Without an inventory, it all goes back! Additionally, that inventory must cover everything, if you’ve cut corners and something that isn’t in the inventory gets lost or damaged, we think you know the outcome…

  1. It encourages better tenant behaviour

When someone knows there’s a record of items and conditions, they are bound to be more careful as they know that will be checked at the end of their term.

Furthermore, if a tenant is committed to a long let, it is good to manage interim inspections so that wear and tear is monitored and kept fair, and the relationship is well at the end of the tenancy without surprises. Interim inspections can help you to keep the tenant on top of things too.

Additionally, tenants will expect one therefore, if you don’t do it, your behaviour as a landlord or agent will be questioned.

Why you should use an independent inventory clerk

  1. An independent offers a neutral voice in disputes over cleanliness

Everyone has different standards of ‘clean’ and when it comes to landlords and tenants. A good, independent inventory will be marked with an unbiased cleanliness rating before and after the let, and if they don’t match up there’s no fight to be had. An inventory keeps things black and white.

  1. An independent inventory clerk will keep ‘wear and tear’ fair.

Just like cleanliness, wear and tear is another hot debate which a good, independent property inventory report will help to resolve. The opinion of an experienced, independent inventory clerk will always be of importance during a dispute. Check out our article on fair wear and tear.

  1. They will be more thorough than you

Even when you do an inventory, if it isn’t detailed enough, you are still open to losses. A professional independent will do a better job than you as this is what they do only, they are dedicated to the job and the time allocated to it, without thinking about other matters as you will be as an agent or landlord.

  1. They’ll help you make more money.

Bottom line, not only will they protect you from losses, but a good independent inventory clerk can be trusted to do the work without effort from you giving you time back to focus on income generating tasks.

FYI – at Assist, we integrate our systems with yours so that the inventory reports we provide you will automatically fit right into your processes.

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