In a monthly snapshot of sales and lettings, Home have stated that there’s currently only a “trickle” of landlords selling up but has warned that there is imminent danger that “this could become a flood”.

So, what if the tremor becomes an earthquake? The recent drop in supply of rental properties could increase and, if the volcano does erupt, the website has also warned the sales sector would feel increased pressure when selling in low-yield areas straight away as these will be the first to be dropped by discouraged investors.

Enjoy Letting in 2018

It would seem that, at the moment, private landlords, and agents too, are in a position where obstructions are becoming relentless, however, it is possible to continue in the lettings industry in a profitable and enjoyable way if you use the correct resources.

Landlords should use a trusted agency who will help them minimise void periods. Likewise, both landlords and agents should use a robust property inventory service designed to minimise disputes and further alleviate lettings burdens.


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