Many landlords can relate to a feeling of uncertainty when it comes to legal jargon, especially surrounding the evicting of tenants with several guidelines to adhere to concurrently.

Now that changes in legislation have made it more difficult to lawfully evict renters, landlords must be even more stringent with who the let to and the measures they have in place to protect themselves.


One common reason for tenant eviction is damage to the property either intentionally or through neglect of care. In instances where renters damage a property beyond the bounds of normal wear and tear therein violating the terms of their tenancy, landlords can be left in a frustrating situation as they must either pay upfront or follow up repayments. All of that without even factoring in any legal costs that might result from uncooperative evictees or fines which may occur from unlawful evictions.

What Can Landlords Do?

For landlords, placing a property up for rent inevitable carries the risk of disputing with tenants and third parties for reasons ranging from rental costs to security, but issues surrounding property damage seem to be overarching with the Tenancy Dispute Service stating that 32% of housing spats are centered around living conditions.

Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that landlords seek an inventory service that can help them document the condition of a property or an entire portfolio. Maintaining a detailed, cumulative log can help landlords and tenants settle disputes before they reach court or eviction, and documenting inventory can also serve as evidence if legal intervention is required to evict tenants who cause damage.

Is there help?

Well, this month may remedy that feeling with the launch of a series of free legal seminars for letting agents and landlords alike, providing them with guest speakers to discuss relevant topics regarding the rental market. The seminars come courtesy of Liverpool based law firm Kirwans, who specialise in commercial and private property and the aim of the series is to

Here at Assist, we can also help you to protect your property and its contents by providing you with robust property inventory reports, carried out by experienced inventory clerks and including more than 150 photographs every time.

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