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Legionella Risk Assessment

It is the legal responsibility for landlords to ensure the health and safety of tenants by keeping the property free and safe from health hazards

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What is Legionella?

Legionnaires disease and Legionella is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia and was coined in 1977 when a mysterious illness was attributed to bacteria found in a hotels air conditioning system.

Now, duties under the Health and Safety Act mean that Landlords must understand, control and prevent any risks from the bacteria.

Luckily, this does not mean an expensive detailed assessment and a simple report showing there are no real risks is sufficient. However, it is important to reassess should there be any changes in the water system.

You can read the Government guidelines to Legionella on the Health and Safety Executive website. Below are links to a couple of relevant articles that will inform you of your obligations and measures the tenants can put in place to ensure risk is kept to a minimum.

Legionella & Landlord responsibilities
Legionella FAQ’s

Regular testing is the best way to prevent an outbreak, keep you legally compliant and your tenants safe. If an occupant catches legionnaires disease, landlords may be prosecuted!

Qualified Risk Assessors

Our clerks are qualified assessors and have taken a Legionnella Awareness training course approved by several institutions such as CPD, RoSPA and IIRSM.

They are certified to:

  • Carry out a risk assessment to identify and control the hazards

  • Understand where Legionella bacteria comes from

  • Informed on how people develop Legionnaires’ disease and how it effects health

  • Aware of the legal responsibilities to prevent and monitor

  • Know the importance of monitoring, reviewing and updating


Only £99 for the initial assessment

£59 for subsequent visits

If combined with an Inventory Check In the cost comes down to £85

For properties with 5 bedrooms and more, please contact us for a bespoke price.

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