How much does it cost to save on inventories?

We’ve all been there, opting for the cheaper service/ product, then been let down when we’ve realised it wasn’t as nice/ good quality/ enjoyable as the more expensive/ better/ original option. Then it’s cost more in the end as we didn’t get everything we wanted from it, or we had to buy the more expensive one anyway.

We know that when agents and landlords outsource, they want to be as lean as possible but we also know that this is actually costing more and more of you money in the long term so, we’ve crunched the numbers to help you understand the true cost of saving.

Cutting Corners

On average, a large independent agent will require 80 inventories per year. If they opt to outsource a cheaper inventory clerk, the average saving is £10 per inventory, equating to an annual saving of £800. Sounds good right? Well not quite.

A cheaper inventory ultimately means less detail and fewer pictures. If, for example, a tenant burns the carpet and this area has not been covered, the agent will not be able to claim the cost from the tenant’s deposit, costing the landlord money and ultimately costing the agent the landlord as a client.

Attention to Detail

As the tenant fee ban comes into force, agents are seeking ways to boost their income and recoup their losses. As the value of a landlord increases, this is not the time to be risking the relationship for the sake of £10.

Over the next three months, we will be investigating what happens when inventories go wrong, bringing you case studies to demonstrate the power an inventory holds over a let and good relationships between agents, landlords, and tenants.

By outsourcing to a reputable inventory clerk you will ensure that this part of the process is completed reliably and that you can focus where you are needed most – on sales.

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