Zoopla’s own analysis of online lead generation has revealed that the first hour is the most important for a property listing, confirming why so many agents ‘portal juggle’, despite it being against the rules.

The Research

When examining the first week of a listing for sales properties, the research found that 34% of that week’s leads came during the first day, 17% during day two and 14% on day three. Similarly, a pattern of fast-tapering lead generation exists for rental properties with a huge 41% of all leads generated within the first week on this side of the sector. Furthermore, 12% of all leads arrive within the first day for rental properties.

The portal’s Managing Director, Charlie Bryant, says,

“Our analysis proves that listings generate a significantly higher number of leads immediately after launching to market so there is very little time to ‘test’ a marketing approach, try out a higher price or wait for better images. From the very first second, agents must ensure that they are marketing the best information to the widest possible audience in order to generate quality leads. In the current market, sellers and landlords cannot afford to miss the boat.”

According to The Negotiator, “[The analysis] has revealed in stark detail the reason why so many agents are tempted to break the rules and ‘portal juggle’ in order to keep their properties high up the results pages.

The Results

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