If a tenant considers the relationship with their landlord to be positive then both parties will benefit. Tenants are more likely to pay their bills on time, respect the owner’s property and stay there longer.

As well as offering comprehensive property inventory services, Assist Inventories can give impartial advice available for landlords and agents. This is a list of key areas to focus on when forming and maintaining the best possible relationship with a tenant.

Respect Privacy

As a landlord it is your property but you shouldn’t enter without permission unless you have to. Try and give at least 48 hours’ notice if you’re planning to visit. If these terms are part of the contract then that should avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. Being considerate towards occupants will help the relationship.

Have a Presence

Don’t be the elusive landlord that has never met their tenant in person. That doesn’t mean going for a weekly meal but meeting your tenants from an early stage is recommended so they know who you are and that you’re approachable. For example, when they move in make the effort to introduce yourself and offer some assistance. Or invite them to go for a coffee so they can talk through any concerns and issues they might have. Making a positive first impression is a strong foundation but then it’s important to maintain it.

Keep your Promises

Property owners are expected to deal with any requests and queries promptly and professionally. If you say something will be sorted by a particular date, make sure those arrangements are in place and the issue is dealt with on time. The speed and efficiency of a response to any tenant query will affect their opinion of the landlord and ultimately the relationship.


For any new tenancy, landlords should have already provided the tenant with the ‘How to Rent’ booklet to help them understand their rights and responsibilities. Tenants are increasingly more informed about legislation and will expect you to know about it. There are regular updates so try to stay informed about any changes to the law.

Proactive Communication

If you talk to your tenant regularly about any problems and try to understand them then you could prevent a small issue from becoming a more serious crisis in the future. Tackling a problem before it develops further will save landlords money long-term. Effective communication doesn’t mean smothering a tenant. Responding quickly to texts or emails and sending a check-up text every month or so is a sufficient way of being dependable and reliable as a landlord.

By following these steps, they should help to start or continue a healthy relationship between a landlord and tenant. With the assistance of a detailed report from Assist Inventories, landlords can clearly set the standards to which their property should be maintained and returned at the end of the tenancy.

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