One of the many time consuming tasks a property manager or administrator has going back and forth between tenants and landlords about what they consider fair wear and tear to be when going through property inventory reports.

There are a high number of landlords that still push for ‘betterment’ at the end of a tenancy, despite the fact that the law does not allow claims for ‘new for old’. Tenants are required by law to return the property back to its original state (including proper professional cleaning) according to the Inventory check in report with fair wear and tear allowances. On the other side of the coin many landlords just do not understand the principle of fair wear and tear, a landlord is unable to demand that a tenant must pay to have an item cleaned which was already dirty at the time of check in and is unable to claim for new items that are just worn.

The best way for landlords and agents to ensure the property’s condition is fully recorded is by having a comprehensive inventory in place on the check in, and making sure that a check-out report is completed at the end of the tenancy. Another good way of staying on to of any potential issues before it may get too late are mid-term inspections; this way any problems can be quashed before the check out when disputes can be harder to resolve.